Hello! I'm a teen from NYC who aspires to be the Doctor's companion. My backup is getting into acting and starting a career in cinema. My backup to that is staying in school until after college. I'm a Whovian-four-life and will be in all my remaining regenerations. I'm also a Sherlockian, a SPN family member, a fan of OUAT, a Merlin fan, a Fannibal, a fan of musical theater, a Trekie and Ringer in training, a Potterhead, a fan of many BRILLIANT actors, and an Avengers/ Marvel cinematic universe fan. I also love NBC'S Community and SNL as well as Whose Line is it Anyways as comedy is one of my many passions. My life is my movies, my tv, my books, and my laptop. What's that? Have something to say? Fuck you I won a BAFTA.
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